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Agent 999 is a 1971 Indian Bollywood film released on 1971. Professor Shekhar is a research scientist. He invents Beam which makes objects vanish. The underground gang decides to capture the apparatus and its formula and selt it to International Agents. Professer was an addict of Races and falls an easy prey to the gangsters who kidnap him and take him to their hiding To avert the suspicion of authorities, they substitute the professor by another man looking like him. . By drugging the horses, the gang make lot of money and this makes the Secretary of Race Club suspocious. C.I.D.Agent 444 is deputed to investigate but he gets killed. The chief then deputes Prakash who is C.I.D. Agent 999. He succeeds not only in stopping the drugging racket but also in befriending Meena, who is with the gangsters. She tries to play double game and gives few secrets to Prakash. She is murdered by the gang. But by the clues supplies by her, Prakash finds out the duplication of the Professor and as he is about to expose, the fake Professor is killed. . Prakash meets Meenas sister Mohini who is also the member of the gang While she is bringing the grug for the horese. Prakash intercepts the movement of the drug with the help of his Aide Baby who is C.I.D. Agent 555. . The gangsters now find Prakash impediment in their way and decide to kill him. But Prakash survives from many attempts on his life and finally succeeds in finding the location of the gangsters hide out. But the gangsters capture him with the help of Mohini. They ask him to join them, but he refuses and is ordered to be tortured. Mohini is in charge of this torture but when Prakash tells her that her own sister was murdered by the gang, she decides to take side of Prakash and she helps him to escape. But both are trapped again and Mohini is to be punished. But once again Prakash escapes and saves Mohini. She falls in love with Prakash. Prakash leaves Mohini under the care of Boby and he takes her to hi fiancess home, little knowing her father is also a member of the gang. Mohini is again captured by the gang. Check out this page for more updates on Agent 999.

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