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Aik Tha Alibaba is a 1963 Indian Bollywood film released on 1963. A golden page from the Arabian Nights has unfolded the story of a brave, honest and God fearing wood cutter named Ali Baba. . III-treated by the wretched wife of his rich brother Kasam, Ali Baba with his old mother leaves the palace and takes an abode in a small hut. . Because of saving the life of Marjeena, daughter of Amiu-Zaman a rich merchant, Ali Baba is offered good fortunes by joinin the rich merchants caravan. . Poverty against riches, love of Marjeens, Ali Baba disire to become a rich man like his brother, compel him to accept the offer and join the caravan of rich merchant, proceeding to Yaman. . Ali Baba and Marjeena are very happy but their happiness is turned into tragedy. Daku Dilsher attacks the caravan-loots-plunders the complete caravan inspite of great resistance from Ali Baba. . The rich merchant, father of Marjeena is killed. Marjeena is taken away by Daku Dilsher as captive. . Ali Baba promises the dying merchant, father of Marjeena that he would even at the cost of his life save Marjeena from the clutches of Daku Dilsher. . Ali Baba along with Jhumroo, a faithful servant of the rich merchant, reaches the caves of Daku Dilsher but comes to know from dying Nadira, the mistress of Daku Dilsher, that Marjeena has already ascaped. . Ali Baba and Jhumaroo leave the caves with a donkey-load of riches. . Ali Babas riches make Kassam and his wicked wife jealous of Ali Baba. . How Kassam and his wife take out the secret of "Sim Sim Khulja" from Ali Baba and after knowing the secret how they try to kill Ali Baba. Check out this page for more updates on Aik Tha Alibaba.

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