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Aisa Bhi Hota Hai is a 1971 Indian Bollywood social film released on 1971. The film is directed by Kamran, produced by Kamran.
Asha and Dev were a happy couple, though they had no issue. Asha prayed to `Bholenath for one. She also made up her mind to celabrate her childs first birth-day at the `Bholenath tempel. The couple was blessed with a bonny son. When the child was about to complete his first year, Asha and Dev prepared for the pilgrimage Dev brought his car from the garage in a hurry, though the car wasnt fit to be commi- ssioned. They drove away at a fast speed to Bholenaths temple. The mechanic who knew that the hut of the steering wheel was loose, alerted the Police to stop the car before some accident occured. All check-posts and traffic cops were alerted. Asha and Dev were speeding fast into the jaws of death with their only child. . Four hippies waved for a lift. Dev slowed down and the Hippies got in As soon as the car gathered speed Dev felt the muzzle of a gun in his ribes. The gun-man was one of the Hippies. They demanded five thousand rupees. Dev didnt have go much ready cash on his person and the day was saturday. The Hippies got a cheque of that amount. But the same could not be cashed before monday. . Dev was to stop over for a day at his uncles place before proceeding to the temple. The Hippies took over the child as hostage. When they finally settle down at the uncles place, nobody suspected anything worong. Many of uncles friends came and went away including Police Inspector Kapoor. Dev passed a massage in a cigarette packet but Inspector could not read it till Monday. . On monday a hippiy boy and a girl, alongwith the child went to the city in Devs car to cash the cheque. The were happy to get away so easily but they nevet suspected that dath was lurking on the roadisde. . Inspector Kappor whom Dev had passed the measage, read the S.O.S. The city traffic cop recognised the car number plate, and a Police Jeep started on its trail. Dev in the meanwhile had conered the remaining two hippies. Soon the two had ashed the cheque reached uncles place and helped their trapped accomplices. They escaped in Devs car still holding the child as a hostage. . Inspector Kapoor alongwith Dev, Asha, Uncles and Aunty followed them in a Police Jeep. The nut of Devs car was about to go out. . The Hippies, the non-believers and the coulple, believers in God, both were in trouble. This also happens sometime. Check out this page for more updates on Aisa Bhi Hota Hai.

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