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Aitbaar is a 1985 Indian Bollywood action, thriller film released on Mar 22, 1985. The film is directed by Mukul S. Anand, produced by Romesh Sharma , music composed by Bappi Lahiri.

This is the story of Neha. Neha is a daughter of a rich businessman named as Mr. Khanna. He is a very happy man who only cares for his daughter’s happiness and wants his daughter to get married to a businessman who can make her luxurious living. Neha falls in liking to Sagar. But, the issue with Sagar is that he is not prepared to get married. So, she has to get married to Jaideep who is a tennis player. So, he does everything of her dad’s choice. After years, things pass and she realizes that she cannot live with a man who is selfish and acts only for his own interest. After this even her dad is passed and he is all alone. Then she thinks of returning back to Sagar’s life and he is by now a successful singer. But, Jaideep again goes back to Neha’s life and starts acting as if he is totally changed and can look after her. But, things are not same for Neha, she gets a blackmailing letter and the person asks her to pay Rs 1 lakh in return and she does this. But, ultimately she is killed by the person and things are shattered.

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