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Ajante is a 1985 Indian Bengali romance film released on 1985. The film is directed by Arabinda Mukhopadhyay, music composed by Hemanta Mukherjee.

Ashubabu is a wine shop owner with fours sons, the younger son being Kabi, He is a struggling singer. Ashubabu receives a business proposal one day from a gentleman called Lalibabu to set up a Chinese restaurant. It would be a partnership where Ashubabu would have to contribute most of the money. Thus a bar-cum-restaurant is set up and it starts functiong, but it runs into a few problems. There are protests from the local people who are against the functiong of such a commercial venture in a residential area. Eventually the restaurant winds up and Ashubabu faces a loss from which he can never recover. He leaves the wine shop to his elder son and the amount which is to be recovered from Lalubabu. to his younger son, Rabi.One day Rabi goes to Lalibabu to ask for the money. Lalibabu said that he would give the money only after his daughter's marriage. Rabi volunteers to make the necessary enquiries about his future son-in-law. Meanwhile Rabi runs into Lalibabu's daughter a couple of times without knowing her identity and the two fall in love. Rabi goes and meets Radrakshah, Usha's (Lalubabu is daughter) future husband and finds that he is a drunkard.He informs Lalibabu about this who however did not seem much bothered by this finding. Radrakshah's boss wants him to marry his daughter Leena, a divorcee but Radrakshah does not want to marry her. Rabi goes to meet her one day and she turns out to be Leena, his friend from college. Lalibabu decides to go ahead with his daughter's marriage, through Radraksh's parents demand excessive dowry in the form of cash and other luxuries. Rabi comes to meet Lalibabu at his residence who congratulates Rabi for getting the marriage deal through and promises to pay his money within one week. Lalibabu introduces Rabi to Usha and Rabi is shocked to find out her real identity. Radrakshah arrives with his parents and the registrar to get his marriage registered. Just as he is about to sign on the relevant papers, Rabi snatches the pen from Radraksha's hands and puts the signature himself. Rabi and Usha are thus married. Usha informs the police to come and arrest Radraksha and his parents for taking dowing. Leena arrives to find Rabi and Usha married and she goes away disappointed.

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