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Ajantrik is a 1958 Indian Bengali classical,drama film released on May 23, 1958. The film is directed by Ritwik Ghatak, music composed by Ali Akbar Khan.

This story revolves around a man Bimal and his car. Bimal, a professional driver drives his car in a hill town and remote villages. People often advise him to reject it and buy a new one but Bimal refuses. He sees the car more as a friend than an inanimate object. As days pass, Jagadal, as the car is called by everyone, gets older, but it continues to give Bimal his bread and the butter and his emotional bond with it goes on. oOne day, a newly married couple comes to Bimal . Bimal brings them to a bungalow where they take shelter. The bride, a yound beautiful lady draws Bimal's attention. Soon Bimal comes to know that they are not a married couple. The lady is has escaped with another man from her home. with her all gold jewellery. However the new man also rejects her. Bimal takes pity on her, brings her to the station and buys her ticket. As soon as she is gone, Bimal, for the first time kicks his car in deep frustration and the car is damaged. Everyone advises him to reject it and buy a new one. He promises to repair it and give it a new life. He arranges money and tries his best. It starts, again, but can go no furthur. Out of frustration, he breaks its glass window. Damaged Jagadal draws the attraction of an iron businessman. Hee offers money for it, depressed Bimal sells the parts and bids farewell to it. Jagadal goes with the man.

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