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Ajeeb Dastan Hai is a 1994 Indian Bollywood film released on 1994. The film is directed by J. Om Prakash. This is a film with social relevance as well as a family entertainer. It is an effective pointer to the younger generation that marriage is an important instituion and should be entered with full maturity and responsibility. . Jagat Prasad Sinha an established lawyer had a teenage daughter -Minni He provided her with all material comforts and luxuries as well as an abundance of motherly love and fatherly affection. But Minni misused his love and liberties thereby failing to live up to his expectations. . At the age of seventeen she ran away and married Ketan. Jagatji as a responsbile father tries his best to disuade his daughter from going on this disasterous path, but to no avail. Very soon the young immatured and inexperienced couple became victims of adolescent misadventure. During this time Minni gave birth to a son. . Soon after this Minni took up to modelling and her semi-nude phtograph began to appear in different magazines, upsetting her father and Ketan a singing star and Minni a top model. This was sufficient ground a start a war of egos, jealousy, and position between the young couple, who are now awaiting divorce. . At a fashion show where Ketan was one of the judges, someone passed dirty remarks against, Minni, which resulted in Ketan mercilessly crashing up the man. This brought to the forfront the fact that love between them was not dead. . The worst affected was their 6 year old son Ishan (Bittoo). Later Ketan and Minni received summons from the courts stating that Bittoo had filed an application to grant him divorce from his parents. This unique case caused a stir in the social circle and people were anxiously awaiting the courts verdict. . Jagtji was the counsel for the child. His arguements and touching statements had a spell binding effect, which convinced the court and granted freedom to the child to live with anyone he liked and from whom he could get love, care, companionship and protection. . Minni and Ketan now realized that they had miserably failed as parents as they were unware of their responsibilities whent hey got married at a tender age. [Source: Booklet] Check out this page for more updates on Ajeeb Dastan Hai.

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