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Akanksha is a 1993 Indian Bollywood film released on 1993. Thakur Mehtab Singh is M.L.A., who has an ambition to make his older son Nahar a politician and younger son Arjun an industrialist. Arjun is brought up and educated by his maternal uncle Omkar Singh, who is an idealist honest man, and thus Arjun grows Omkar Singhs ideals in his thoughts and living. . According to Mehta Singh, money and terror is the must requirments to achieve success in politics. And so, Nahar become an alternate name of terror and corruption. Nahar requires a piece of school land for a wine distellary. School master Vinod Pandey objects. Nahar conspires Vinods murder and manupulates this murder as a suicide. . Ahamed a journalist from "JAN KRANTI" arrives in the area to find out the truth. Nahar is alert. While in the area he comes to across a saint type person Rituraj who believes in truth. Kotki a village girl respect him as her own elder brother. Ahmed develops liking for Ketki. Slowly as the time goes on Ahmed is almost near to find the truth but Nahar manages for Kotkis rape and Ahmeds murder. . Minister comes for an enquiry but are in favour of Nohar. Not only this he gets ticket to contest elections. Arjun and his fiancee Manju comes forward to face the challenge, they compell Vinods father to contest the election against Nahar. Nahar with the aim to distumb his opponent kidnaps his daughter, Saraswati. Rituraj and Arjun try to save her. In doing so Nahar kills Rituraj. But Arjun when fails to convince his brother Nahar, kills Nahar. [Source: C.B.F.C] Check out this page for more updates on Akanksha.

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