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Verdict: Bakwaas Movie. Waste of Time.


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Akarshan is a 1988 Indian Bollywood romance, action, drama film released on Oct 07, 1988. The film is directed by Tanvir Ahmed, produced by Tanvir Ahmed.
In the spectacular world of entertainment power position, fame and wealth take top priority, where life is made and destroyed by the minute, where emotions values and principles do not have a place, where no friendship is permanent, no enemity is perpetual. This would of entertainment that breeds millioners and the failures, the hypocrates and the honest (in this land of hope and despair). In this jungle of evirice wealth and fame also live people of a tender heart vulnerability. Abhishek superstar actor who is one such man, to whom neither fame, wealth, popularity has any meaning, for his heart is only filled with love for a girl called Priya who is a budding actress. A girl who he had saved in an accident fromthe cruelty of fire at the cost of his own life, while on location shooting. Little realizing that the life he had saved now becomes the source of his own life, happiness and existence. . With Abhisheks growing popularity, Priyas insecurity towards Abhishek increases, where and when she herself begins to get influenced by the gossip media of Abhishikes numerous affairs, with other starlets which have no truth or facts. On the other hand Abhishikes sister is also feels insecure and unhappy due to the fact that Abhishek has so deeply got involved with Priyaand wants to marry her, which could be so detrimental to his professional image and also to the very existence of Abhisheks personal life there is a profound secret which could blow the world of Abhishek and Priya. A secret which only the sister and nobody else know not even Abhishek. The sister does everything in her power to put an end to Abhishek and Priyas relationship. She discourages producers from signing them together, draps her out fromt he films, which have already started. And even goes to an extent by walking into Priyas house and forcing her to remove Abhishek out of her heart, sisters demand, which makes her goto the extent by removing not only Abhishek out of her mind but also compells her to abort th elove child to be was Abhisheks cosmos, world, universe, his breath, his blood, his happiness, his own life, which meant destroying the dreams of their marriage and togetherness for life. . With all that behind her mind she was no choice but go ahead and do the worst for her love Abhishek. . Abhishek gets the news of the joint action, conspiracy, plan of his sister and his beloved Priya, by which the child which he was looking forward to have was destroyed. . Bursting all layers of emotions in corridors of his heart and his mind with this shock Abhishek falls victim to loss of memory, a state of amnisia, a victim of menigitis, which converts him into helpless, brainless, emotionless, a heap of pathetic living corpse. . Priya could not forgive hersel for this, nor did she blame his sister for compelling her to take this action for both where right in their actions and she realise that if was the irony of life, which made her remove Abhishek out of her life, his child out of womb of her, but could not remove Abhishek out of her heart. . Priya led a wounded life trying to embalm is sand sooth it by recalling memories and moments of the past. By recalling every incidents of happiness that she shared with Abhishek. Thinking of the places they visited inlands and foreignlands and the joy they received from every such place. This was the only solace in Priyas otherwise troubled life. . Priya took Abhishek to all the places in foreignlands where they shared their happy moments earlier and could bring Abhishek back to his memories. Abhisheks life become normal again and they came happily back to homeland. [Source: C.B.F.C] Check out this page for more updates on Akarshan.

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