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Akashpari is a 1958 Indian Bollywood film released on 1958. Ratna and Ramesh were love and consiquently vowed to get married. Their joy was turned to sorrow when they found that their parents had already fixed their marriages, where they were not informed. Ratna refused to fall in with her fathers plans which excited him and he got a heart attack. Ratna had no consent to please her ailing father. When Ramesh learnt this he threatened to commit suicide. Ratna has to make a quick decision she goes to bed with a heavy heart and an uneasy mind. Dreams take the form of reality. . Ratna and Ramesh eloped to Amarnath. There they saw a yogi siting in Samadhi. Ramesh mocked at him. The insulted yogi cursed him and reduced him to a very small height. Ratnas father and Rameshs friend Chamak have followed them and when they come there and see Rameshs fate they take him to the Doctors but all in vain. Then Chamak and Ratna take Ramesh to America with a hope of curing him, instead Ramesh attracts the attention of an International gang of crooks who try to kidnap Ramesh. Ratna and Chamak fly Burma where they are followed by the gang. She and Chamak escape in an airoplane but as their luck would have it, their plane crashes and when they gain consiousness they find Ramesh missing. Ratna breaks into sobs and cries. . The yogi who has cursed Ramesh takes pity on her and gives her the power of flight. Ramesh has been carried away to the Dwarfland wher the princess falls in love with him and proposes marriage and when Ramesh refuses she orders him to be slautered. Ratna who has got the power of flight comes with Chamak just in time to save Ramesh. From there she takes Ramesh to the moon in hope of curing him. Here also she is disappointed and flies to the Venus, here the queen promises to cure him to which Rahu-the commande in chief-objects and when the queen refuses to listen to him he holds her a captive, and tries to assult Ratna. Ramesh escapes un-noticed and relieves the queen who with her divine power restores Ramesh back to his normal height, when Ramesh and the queen who with her divine power restores Ramesh back to his normal height, then Ramesh and the queen come to rescue Ratna. Ramesh and Rahu have a fight in which Rahu is about to strike Ramesh, seeing this Ratna screams with a fright and wakes up to find herself in the arms of Ramesh who has come to give her the good news that it was they who had t be engaged to one another. The parents bless the couples and then they live happily ever after. [Source: Booklet] Check out this page for more updates on Akashpari.

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