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Alladin Ka Chiragh is a 1958 Indian Bollywood film released on 1958. Magician Jaffars friend Yakub told him tahat in a cave at the top of the Karkora Mountains, was a Wonderful Lamp, which had powers to fulfil any desire of its possessor. But, this Lamp cold be taken from a poor family, and was deprived of tatherly affections. By the help of a magic mirror the magician found out that such a boy was Alladin. Jaffar made Yakub dumb, so that he be unable to tell the secret of the wonderful Lamp to any body else. . Jaffar managed to take Alladin along with him upot the cave of the Karkora Mountains, when Alladin wanted to come out of the cave with the lamp, the magacian wished to take the lamp from him and shut him in the cave. Alladin persisted to be taken out first. In anger Jaffer shout him in the cave. . Alladin managed to release himself. Back home, he threw the Lamp away. Dust covered the Lamp, and yerar passed by the Lam[ was forgotten. Alladin grew to be a handsome young man. . . Princess Yasim was to pass throug the city roads, and the law forbede any person to remain of the road on such occasions. The Princess was very beautiful. To have a glimpse of the Princess, Allaidn overthrew the Princess palanquin King punished him severly. . Love is blind. Alladin decided to marry the Princess. Mother presented herself in the Royal court and requested to have Princess as her daughter-in-law She was painfully disappointed. . The King consented amrrage of Yasmin with Wazirs son Syed, whom the Princess hated. On one hand the Princess was heart-borken on the other Alladin. Storm within the hearts caused a ral storm. The wonderful Lamp which remained buried under the earthe for years, came to sight again. Mother wanted to clean it. As she rubbed the Lamp, a Gengic appeated. This Genine, the slave of the Wonderful Lamp, fulfilled all desires of Allaidn, Alladin was married to the Princess. . Check out this page for more updates on Alladin Ka Chiragh.

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