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Aman Ke Farishtay is a 1992 Indian Bollywood film released on 1992. The film is directed by Kadar Kashmiri. Our country India is one of the best countries of the world. Here people of different religion, creed and languages, live together. This is a country of rich culture heritage. The unity and brotherhood of the people of this country has foiled the plans of many enemies. Every spring brings happiness in this country. This country of ours is the garden of happiness. . That is why this country has always been important to the enemies. As this country is of flowers, so do the protectors of this country take birth here. They destroy the enemies of the country right from their roots. . Minotla alias Shersingh is a pisonous man who wants to spread unrest in the country by giving the military secrets of our country to the enemies and thus disturbing our countries peace. . Paramvir is a honest police inspector who tries to foil all the plans of Mintola. Vikram and Amar have also suffered due to Mintolas injustice him and forces him to tell the secrets of the countrys plans. But Col. Ranjit is a country lover. He is devoted towards his country. Mintolas suffering and behaviour is not able to change his attitude. . The task of freeing Col. Ranjit from Mintolas prison is given to Paramvir. Vikram and Amr also accompany Paramvir to free their father from Mintolas prison. Reena, Col Ranjits daughter also accompanies them. And them these brave men of the country attack Mintola and free Col Ranjit from him. . There is a great war between justice and injustice, good and bad. . In the end justice winds and Mintola losses his life in the war. Amars wish is fulfilled. Ekta and Vikram come together with Col Ranjits blessing, Paramvir is saved by the operation, and thus the success of the honest country man Paramvir becomes the success of the entire country. Check out this page for more updates on Aman Ke Farishtay.

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