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Amar Deep is a 1958 Indian Bollywood romance, musical, drama film released on Jan 01, 1958. The film is directed by T. Prakash Rao, music composed by C. Ramchandra.
The ways of the world are queer. While some find misery in wealth others find happiness in poverty. . Ashok is an educated but unemployed young man whose possessions in this world are his poverty and an old deserted bus today which formed his abode. . On the other hand, Aruna, the only daughter of a millionaire although surrounded with all the worldly luxuries that wealth could bring her is unhappy because her father wants her to marry Pran, his late friends son, with whose ideas she has never been able to reconcile. . Finding it difficult to tolerate the excesses of Pran, one day she flees away from home and during her aimless wandering in the streets accidentally happens to meet Ashok, in whose bus she takes shelter for a night. . But they fall in love with each other and spent many happy days. But, as luck would have it, Pran finds her out one day and forcibly pushes her into his car and drives away to her home. Ashok who madly follows Prans car is run over by a lorry and becomes unconscious. . At the hospital he regains his consciousness but finds that he does not remember a thing about his past. His life becomes a torture to him and he wanders about the streets desperately. . At this juncture, Roopa, a gypsy girl comes into his life and bestows all her love and affection on him and finally wins over him for herself. . But the matters do not end here. Aruna is tirelessly searching for Ashok, and one day she finds him out, in company of the gypsy girl ! Imagine what a shock it should have been for her to find her lover in the arems of another woman! . But there neither Ashok is fault, nor Roopa, not even Aruna herself. It is the luck that is at fault. [Source: Booklet] Check out this page for more updates on Amar Deep.

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