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Amar Sangee is a 2009 Indian Bengali romance film released on Dec 18, 2009. The film is directed by Subhas Sen, produced by Jagadish Pande under banner named Bengal Films, music composed by Babul Bose.

Priya, a rich girl and Raja, a poor boy meet by sure luck. They decide to meet at Lover’s Corner every day. It turns out that Raja is the son of Priya’s tailor who happens to be her tailor. They meet everyday though no one is aware. When Raja arrives with Priya’s dress on her birthday, He is insulted by her father, brother and the corrupt S.P.Her father is dead against the relationship and so though the S.P he makes life hell for Raja. They are humiliated and driven out of the locality. Priya runs away with Raja to Siliguri .The S.P even tracks him down there and has Raja beaten up with goons. He himself also arrives there with Priya’s father and brother. When Priya is being brought back, her father has change of heart and tries to contact the S.P but the S.P is meanwhile is busy beating up Raja and even shoots him in the end. Seeing that, Priya also kills herself.

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