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Amarsingh Rathaur is a 1957 Indian Bollywood film released on 1957. Amarsingh Rathaur is a tale of Rajput Chivalry, a symbolic, popular legend of Rajasthan. . Amarsingh, while tunting in jungle, meets Chandravati, the brave and beautiful daughter of Handha Sardar Juzharsingh and fell in love with her. He asks her father Hadha Sardar for her hand. Sardar accepts the proposal on condition that Amrsingh will have to kill Salawatkhan. . Amarsingh accepted the condition and returnrd to Jodhpur with a promise to send "dolli" . But fate played its own game. Amarsingh was exiled for disobeying his father. He goes to Arjunsingh Ghound, his brother-in-law. . Emperor Shahjehan called Amarsingh and gave him the post of Commander- in-Chief of his army. . Amarsingh called Chandravati and in the night "Sunaaraat", she reminds Amar about the unfulled promise of killing Salawatkhan, the man who once insulted her. . On the other hand, Salawatkhan became more and more jealous and somehow he made the Emperor to send Amarsingh to conquer Kandhar. Amarsingh conquers Kandhar and when he returns the Emperor is more pleased. Salawatnkhan becomes more jealous. He plots against Amarsingh and somehow the Emperor Shahjehan imposes a fine of one lakh gold mohur on Amarsingh. . To collect this fine Salawatkhan himself goes to his place and insults Amarsingh, who becomes red with anger and attacks Salwatkhan. Somehow Salawat escapes and reaches in Shahjehans Durbar. Amarsingh comes on his horse in durbar and kills Salawatkhan before Shahjehan and then his horse gallops the high walls of fort and he reaches to Naumahala where Chandravati gives a warm welcome because now he had atlast fulfilled his promise. Then she makes preparations for the honeymoon. . Whether they were able to complete the honeymoon on not? Check out this page for more updates on Amarsingh Rathaur.

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