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Ambe Maa Jagdambe Maa is a 1980 Indian Bollywood film released on 1980. Film Ambe Maa Jagdambe Maa is the story of a girl named Radha, who has full faith in Ambe Maa. She gets married with Roop who is also the followers of Ambe Maa. He has a step mother Lajwanti and he rbrother Chanderbhan. Both brother and sister daily creates trouble for Roop and Radha and try to make fool of Roops father Sunder Dan. . Chanderbhan tires to rape Radha but Ambe Maa protects her chastity. After this while working in Jungle with the help of workers he throws down Roop in water. . At the other side in house Lajwanti (step mother) pushes out Radha from house Lajwanti gets paralised and Chanderbhan gets mad. Check out this page for more updates on Ambe Maa Jagdambe Maa.

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