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Anaath Aashram is a 1937 Indian Bollywood film released on 1937. New theatres reformist melodrama about widow-remarriage. Jai Narain (Sethi), owner of a colliery, forms a happy family with his wife (Manorama), his daughter Saroj (Umasashi), son-in-law Kailash (T. Kapoor), an engineer at the colliery, and their son Nannha (Satu). Kailash dies in a colliery accident caused by Jai Narain. Nannha is sent to an orphanage and Saroj marries Ramesh, who loves her but is unware of her previous marriage or being a stepfather, while Saroj misses her dead husband and longs for her absent son. A former suitor, Ranjit (P. Kapoor) appears, knowing her past history. Repeated scenes show Nannha pining for his mother. The problem is finally resolved when Ramesh, who discovers the truth, saves the lonely child life in a train accident. Check out this page for more updates on Anaath Aashram.

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