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Hindi    1953 (India)

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Anarkali is a 1953 Indian Bollywood historical film released on 1953. The film is directed by Nandlal Jaswantal.

This film is based on historical love story in the time of Mughal dynasty. It is the love story of Anarkali (Bina Roy) and Salim (Pradeep Kumar). Anarkali is a famous singer and dancer. She fell in love with the soldier Salim, who eventually turns out to be the Prince of Mughal Emperor, the son of Jallaludin Akbar (Mughal Emperor) and Maharani Jodha. Akbar Badshah offered the her the name Anarkali. Her original name was Nadira. Shahenshah Akbar does not accept the love between Prince and a Royal Dancer. He gets furious and anounces the punishment of death sentence to both Anarkali and Salim. Raja Mansingh the Royal diplomat and soldier defends Salim. But Anarkali has something even more worse written in her destiny.

Frequently filmed Mughal romance in which Prince Salim (P.Kumar) falls in love with the common Anarkali (Rai). In Imtiaz Ali Tajs play of 1922 she was a slave girl (of Loves of a Mughal Prince, 1928); in Mughal-e-Azam, 1960, she is a court attendant. Director Jaswantlal alludes to his presursors by casting Sulochana, who played Anarkali in R.S. Choudharys famous 1928 version, as the heros mother. The Filmistan production does not acknoledge the play and claims to be a direct, unmediated treatement of the Mughal legend with story and script credited to the emerging directors Hussain (Tumsa Nahin Dekha, 1957) and R. Saigal (Railway Platform, 1955). Constructed as a fantasy flashback, Jaswantlal opens the film with a big close-up of Rais lips before going on to the customary establishing shots that set the scene Sustaining his emphatic use of close-ups througout, the film intercuts emotional episodes with elaborate war scenes used like fillers in between dramatic sequences. On occasion, the visual flair detected by reviewers of Jaswantlals work for the Imperial Studio emerges in this Filmistan product: the slow crane movement when Akbar (Mubarak) is told of his sons secession threat and teh abrupt dimming of the lights when he is confronted by his brother-in-law, the Rajput Raja Man Singh (Puri). The music, which by convention dominates this genre includes hits like Mangeshkars yeh zindagi usi ki hai. Check out this page for more updates on Anarkali.

Cast & Crew

Pradip Kumar

Pradip Kumar

Prince Salim



Emperor Akbar



Rani Joda Bai

S. L. Puri

S. L. Puri

Raja Man Singh

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