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Andhera is a 1943 Indian Bollywood social film released on 1943. The film is directed by Aspi Irani, produced by Chandulal J. Shah under banner named Ranjit Studios.
God created light. Did He create darkness too? In this world of God there are many dark corners where His light does not penetrate. "Andhera" is a wail and a plea of the dwellers of one such dark corne . Prakash was the son of the famous doctor Rajendra. His life was devoted to art. He was a welknown sculptor. In his studio he had made a statue of Yamraj and his artistic soul had made that statue a sentinel over his art. He was to be punished by Yamraj if he failed Art. . He comes across Bhola a blind man and learns from him about a blind Ashram where his little blind daughter lives. In his search for a new model for preparing a statue for the exhibition Prakash decides to visit this new dark world. . To win the confidence of the inmates of the Ashram-he goes there as a social worker teach the blind. His kindness and sympathy win for him the affections of the blind children and love develops between him and Jyoti the elder daughter of Bhola who also serves in the Ashram for the sake of her little blind sister. . One day as Jyoti is offering flowers to the blind children Prakash gets the idea for his model and leaves the Ashram on a pretext. . Bhola comes to know of the real identity of Prakash and he disillusions his two daughters: "He was a famous sculptor in search of a model and so his sympathy was a pretext." . In bitterness Jyoti writes to Prakash a letter but Prakash pleads his love for her and calls her to Bombay. He requests her to reach Bombay on the exhibition day and tells her that if she does not do so he will believe that he has not been forgiven by her. . Prakash wins the gold medal for his model of "Andhera". He awaits the arrival of Jyoti who on her way to meet him meets with an accident and is taken to the hospital of doctor Rajendra. From her delirious talk the Doctor realises her love for his son. . She recovers and the doctor in return for her gratitude takes the promise from her that she must forget Prakash. She is poor, he is rich. They cannot meet. She turns away from Prakash, who misunderstands her. He turns away from his art because of it. He smashes his statues. The statue of Yamraj falls on his head and he goes blind. . An operation could cure him but he refuses by saying that he would accept the punishment given by Yamraj. Jyoti goes to him in the guise of a nurse, removes his bitterness and makes him agree to have the eye operated upon. . The operation takes place. He can see again. . What about his love for Jyoti? Will the doctor allow them to marry? See the heart-rending climax on the screen. Check out this page for more updates on Andhera.

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