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Andheri Raatmein Diya Tere Hathmein is a 1986 Indian Bollywood film released on 1986. Gullu and his mother used to live in a village. Gullu has got his own tailoring shop in the midst of the village. His earning is not much but still he is a happy-go-lucky guy. Gullus mother, a widow is now in search of a bride for her son. One Pandit has beena asked to find out a good match for Gullu. . Mahajan, who is so called Chief of the village, has grabbed most of the land of the villagers by giving them loans on high interest and making false documents. Gullus mother also been trapped by Mahajan. Villagers are tide up with Mahajan. The only ray of hope is urban bank manager is trying to educate the villagers against Mahajan. Naturally Mahajan gets wild on Bank Manager. . Meanwhile Banjaran Gillorie and her dancing group arrives in the village. Gullus mother allow them to camp on her land on one condition that all stiching job will be done by her son, Gullu. Sardar cheif of group agrees. . Gullu meets Gillori first time in a temple and becomes overshadowed by her beauty and attitude. . The group performs their first programme and picpocket villagers who came to witness. Villagers lodge a complaint with police against Gillorie. But Gullu turndowns their complaint infront of police Inspector by saying that Gillorie is a very lovable and pious girl. She worships ten times in a day, how she can be a thief? Gillorie overheards and smiles. . Once banjara who loves Gillorie, tries to kill Gullu and Gillori takes revenge. Arab says that Gillorie is a brave girl and must be daughter of a brave man. . Gillorie wants to leave the group and get married with Gullu and start new life, but Sardar slaps her and says that do not daydream. We are leaving this village tomorrow. . Arab interferes but Sardar says that Gillorie is his daughter and he can take her anywhere he wants, nobody can stop him and drags her aways. Same time Arab finds an earning of small size. He suddenly remembers the same type of earing he has. He runs to his tent and finds out that earing. . Meanwhile Sardar is leaving the village with his dancing group. Arab stops Sardar, hammers him. In the end Sardar agrees that Gillorie is not his own daughter, he bought her from the same village. Arab says that, Gillorie is my daughter, he also reveals that, he is not an Arab but belongs to the same village and he is brother of Gullus mother. . Meanwhile Gillorie finds out Mahajan who is trying to run aways on a Camel. Arab calls camel by name. Camel comes back. Gullu tells police that, Mahajan is Daku Zadapsingh who tried to loot Urban Bank. . Police arrests Mahajan. Arab gives Gillories hand in Gullus hand and both go for honeymoon on camel back. [Source: Booklet] Check out this page for more updates on Andheri Raatmein Diya Tere Hathmein.

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