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Andolan is a 1951 Indian Bollywood patriotic, drama film released on Jan 01, 1951. The film is directed by Phani Majumdar, music composed by Pannalal Ghosh.
In the year 1885, Charu Dutt, a worldly-wise patriot, journeys from his little village to attend the first session of the Indian National Congress, held in Bombay. A fire with patriotic zeal, he returns to his village and speaks to his friends and relatives of the new wave that is about to spread over India. To his son he explains the cultural and political past of India, from the dawn of her history upto the turbulence of 1857. . The years roll on, and we come to the partition of Bengal. There is thunder in the air, and Indias inspiring song, "Bande Mataram", is born. . The struggle gathers strength. Mahatma Gandhi appears, and freedom comes closer.....1920....1921..... Simon Commission, Bardoli, Dandi, 1930....1932....the battle rages and the drams heightens, and thus, August 1942, Quit India, and on to the final chapter in our freedom story, which unfolds in this film as the story of a single family, representing the nation of which they are the heart-beats. Check out this page for more updates on Andolan.

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