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Angar is a 1989 Indian Bengali thriller film released on 1989. The film is directed by Srinibas Chakraborty, produced by H. Pal , music composed by Mrinal Bandhyopadhay.

Tapas and Swati are childhood friends. They grow up together. Bipra, Swati's brother is their teacher. Tapas and Swati fall in love. Tapas' father Manohar Chowdhury is a reputed businessman of an area where Basanta Ghosal is a leader. Ratan is a criminal who takes shelter under Basanta and works for him. Ratan is into several illegal activities and a social nuisance. Basanta does not like Manohar Chowdhury's reputation. So he murders Manohar and acquires his property. Tapas is made the scapegoat for the murder which is planned by Basanta. Swati then believes the charge against Tapas. Knowing this Tapas' mother dies of shock. Tapas determines to take revenge against Basanta and Ratan. After the release from prison Tapas accidentally takes shelter with another businessman Ramkanai Halder. By fortune Ramkanai is the person to whom Manohar had mortgaged his property. Basanta wants to grasp that property form Ramkanai and Tapas steals the property papers from Ramkanai. On the other hand Basanta's family, including his wife and daughter Shila leave him on knowing that Basanta is Manohar's murderer. Basanta is full of regret. Tapas comes back to his home and tries to fulfill his father's dream with Bipra and his love Swati. Ratan wants to destroy Tapas' dreams. But Basanta is filled with regret tries to help Tapas. While fighting with Ratan, Basanta gets killed. Ratan has been arrested by the police while fighting with Tapas. The duo Tapas and Swati unite.

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