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Anjaam is a 1952 Indian Bollywood social film released on 1952. The film is directed by Shanti Kumar.
Ashok, the Hero of this story, hails from a big Jamindar family. He was an educated boy and he loved to lead his life on the models of western civlisation. He used to pass his time in cllubs and societies. He had many girl-friends after whom he used to spend his wealth like water. He had a conviction that money was everything and on the strength of money anything on earth can be availed and enjoyed. Once it so happened that, like many others, a girl named Shyama comes to his contact and becomes a victim of his so called love. Shyama sincerely and blindly loves Ashok and she dreams to marry Ashok, as promised by him. But, alas, Ashok so badly disappoints her that she turns to be a mad girl. In order to get rid of Shyama, Ashok unertakes a journey to reach his Jagir While travelling he comes into contact of a beautiful girl named Shobha who was, incidently travelling in the same compartment, and co-incidently, it being first class coupe, there was no third passenger in it, and Ashok tries to take an undue advantage by teasing the girl who could not tolerate the strange behaviour of Ashok and at one occasion she slaps him. . It was first occasion in the life of Ashok that a girl had insulted hi in such manner and had ignored him, inspite of his big wealth, treating him a little man. Ashok becomes revengeful and in order to take revenge from the girl, he decides to marry her. He spreads his net to capture the birdm but he fails miserably in his attempt. Later on when he comes to kno that the girl Shobha was none other than the daughter of his oen Munim, working in his Jagir, he proposes to her father for his matrimony with Shobha. Munim being ignorant of his strage habits accepts the proposal. When Shobha comes to know the wishes of her father, she protests, but knowing that her father would not listen to her, she keeps quiet and on the very wedding day she runs away from the Lagna-Mandap. . On her way, many of whom were victims of Ashok, meet Shobha and remind her that she was the only girl who could cure Ashok, and if she failed it whould be encouraging the persons like Ashok whose ultimate aim was to exploit the girls. They further warned Shobha that if she did not act courageously at this occasion and cure Ashok, she will be fingered and called a coward. . Shobha rises to the occasion and deciedes to marry Ashok in order to cure him, of course, without caring for her own career. Check out this page for more updates on Anjaam.

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