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Anjaan is a 1956 Indian Bollywood social film released on 1956. The film is directed by M. Sadiq, music composed by Hemanta Mukherjee.

Manohar Das (Pradeep Kumar) is an only son who frequents nautch girls with his friend Badri (Johny Walker). Manohar's father wants his son to mend his ways before it is too late. But Manohar is incorrigible. Finally his father sends him to Ramgarh with his Guruji so that he is totally cut off from city life and where he can be reformed. Manohar is not ready to go but seeing his adamant father, he obeys. Manohar tells Badri to go to Ramgarh with a new name Madharaj Kumar. Manohar comes to the village with his Guruji and they stay in the Himalay Hotel. In the village Manohar meets Ratna (Vijayantimala) a florist and gets smitten by her though she does not reciprocate. Chandu (Jeevan) is a local village bully who is also interested in Ratna though Ratna gives him a blind eye too. However soon Manohar & Ratna fall in love and Ratna introduces Manohar to her father (Raj Mehra). Her father gives her the permission for marriage and the date of the wedding is fixed. But on that day Manohar doesn't turn up. Chandu & his goons hit Manohar till he becomes unconscious. But all ends well in the end when Chandu is about to marry Ratna. Manohar comes and fights Chandu and then marries Ratna.

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