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Anjaan Hai Koi is a 1969 Indian Bollywood social film released on 1969. The film is directed by Babubhai Mistry, music composed by Usha Khanna.

Anand and Prabhat are good friends studying in London. In India, at Pilikothi, Simadevi is the only daughter of a landlord Balvir Singh after his death. Sima Devi meets with an accident and is crippled. But after the sudden death of Balvir Singh, his friend Dr. Prakash takes care for Simadevi. Anand was to be married to Simadevi. All waiters and staff servant of the haveli want to adopt the wealth of Simadevi. Simadevi sends a telegram to Anand in London saying she was threatened and is in a dangerous situation. Anand leaves for Pilikothi. Prabhat advices Anand not to go to Pilikothi as his life is also in danger if he goes there. In spite of Prabhat’s warning, Anand leaves for Pilikothi. As Anand does not listen to this warning, Prabhat follows him. An unknown person murders Anand in the train, while Prabhat is in the train toilet. Prabhat arrives at Pilikothi and everyone mistakes him for Anand. Prabhat maintains the identity as Anand. Later Prabhat is exposed by Dr. Prakash and he admits impersonating as Anand only to find the murderer of Anand and plot behind at Philkoti. But Prabhat continues to stay on Simadevi’s request. Prabhat finds that Simadevi is not really crippled and she is acting so to find the plot. After a series of murders at the haveli and its surroundings Prabhat finds the murderer.

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