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Anjaan Raahen is a 1974 Indian Bollywood film released on 1974. Tells of a the teacher and the taught and discusses the need for introducing sexual education in educational institutions in order to save them from its dire consequences due to immature outlook towards sex. The film also has as an under-current the delicate love story between an outspoken teacher and a lady teacher who refuses to nurse the feelings of the tragic death of her lover. - Anand, a highly educated young teacher was commissioned to bring some drastic changes in the present system of education and also set a new trend in the treatment for those students who followed the path of destruction...infamy and violence. He felt, if he students were enlightened about Sex while studying other subjects, it would, deter them from going astray. The principal and other teachers did not approve of the progressive idea suggested by Anand but Geeta, a colleague appreciated the suggestion and supported him whole heartedly Unaware ware of Geetas past Anand tried to come closer to her but got a cold shoulder from unwilling Geeta. For she was living with the sweet memories of her departed lover Gautam who was killed in an attempt to save to her beloveds honour challenged by a gambler and debautch named Rajoo. Whereas Sunita, the only sister of Gautam was in love with her class-mate Rajan who was also in turn looking forward to the auspicious day with the consent of his loving mother. A gang of unscrouplous boys and girls headed by Rakesh was disturbed at the new rules and regulations imposed by Anand. In order to get rid of him Rakesh hetched a plan to defame Anand and Geeta for being in love with each other. The plan failed miserably and the incident brought the much talked-about teachers closer instead. . In the meantime sunita and Rajan happened to meet at a lonely spot and they broke all the barriers forbidden by the society before the performance of marriage ceremony. When Geeta heard of the scandal she demanded explanation from Sunita. How could she admit that she was going to be the mother of Rajans child ? She avoided the answer and made a vain attempt to end her life. . Discarded by everyone Sunita and Rajan made their way to un unknown destination. On the way Rajan slipped from a cliff while making an effort to save her from being caught by Anand and Geeta, and died on the spot. . Now the world was empty for Sunita. No One would accept her. . Rakesh and his gang added more fire by blaming Anand for bringing Sunita in such a condition. With stones in their hands, the angry students marched off to teach a lesson to the teacher who was waiting for Sunita whom he had to accept to marry after she was rejected by Rajans mother. The old lady not only condemned the girl in distress but also the present system of education and its influence on modern youth. . Check out this page for more updates on Anjaan Raahen.

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