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Ankh Ka Nasha is a 1956 Indian Bollywood social film released on Jan 01, 1956. The film is directed by Ved Mohan. Love is a many splendored thing-and this is the saga of splendorous magic in a pair of eyes that made kings dance on swords edge. Gulnar was the prettiest girl in Isphan, and perhaps the best dancer of her time in the East. The King of Isphan loved two persons. One was his only son and the heir to his throne and the other was his beloved General Aazm Khan who had vanquished many countries. And as luck would have it, they both fell madly in love with Gulnar. Gulnar in return loved Murad but the King gave her away to Aazm Khan. murad was prepared to forego the affection of his father and was prepared to lost even the throne but he could not give up Gulnar. She was his life and soul. And a duel of death began between the two. Whoever wins shall take Gulnar. The King on learning this flew into a rage and ordered that Gulnar be beheaded with the first ray of the following morning. But brdore the sun-rise, the prince flew away with Gulnar, crossing the bounderies of Isphan, fighting his way, wounded and injured and un-conscoius yet leading his horse with the apur of love. But misfortunes dogged their shadows still. On their way they met a caravan. Gulnar thought that Jabbar, the caravan leader was an angel. But he was a wolf in disguise, He threw away Murad in the scorching desert to hungry vultures and took Gulnar to Dilbaad. Jabbar was a slave trader but was struck by her beauty. He asked her to submit to his lust or else he would sell her in the royal court of Dilbad. She preferred to die rather then submit to anyone and he took her to the royal court of Dilbad where he made her dance to the lashing sound of his whip. The king and the wazir were so struck with her beauty that the court turned into an arena of death dealing blows. The cunning wazir won. He put the king in prison, kicked the slave trader out of his state and put Gulnar in his harem. Murad was saved from the jaws of death by a good hearted fellow baglol, whose only aim in life was to get a loat of bread by easy means. They both proceeded towards Dilbad in search of thier respective yearnings. AS THE FATE WOULD HAVE IT, they joined the royal caravan of the Wazirs sister on its way to Dilbad. Jabbar, consumed in the fire of his revenge, attacked the caravan, but Murad came to her rescue and killed Jabbar not knowing that he was the villian who could tell him of is love. The Wazirs sister fell in love with Murad and took him to Dilbad. She made him stay as a royal guest. In the next room was Gulnar pining for Murad where the Wazir was trying his evil designs on her. Murad searched for Gulnar in the streets of Dilbad not knowing that she was under the same roof with him. Wazirs sister, Yasmin told her tale of love to Gulnar and neither knew that they both loved the same man. Murad, disappointed, in his search decided to leave Dilbad. Yasmin wanted to stop him and requested Gulnar to dance before her lover but she refused. Check out this page for more updates on Ankh Ka Nasha.

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