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Anmol Moti is a 1969 Indian Bollywood romance, social film released on Jan 01, 1969. The film is directed by S. D. Kashyap.
The Sea has a world of its own. People generally do not get a chance to know, what mystiries ar there beneath the sea. First time in Indian filmsom an attempt has been made to produce an Under-water film. It concerns the life of Pearl divers who have been famous in India ancient times. Their whole life some time is spent without finding any costly pearl, but some time the luch may favour them with such a precious pearl which may change their distiny over-night. But all the same, in olden times, they didnt have the necessary apparatus and the dangerous inhabitants such as octoputs, sharks etc. would any time claim their lives. Whenever divers went beneath the sea, their women- folk always had to wait in fear whether their husbands or sons would come back or not, yet, they always followed their profession with courage and faith in God. . Gokul is such a person who has gone through all these hazards and now in his old age, he has an ambition that after marrying his son, Manik, he would go for pilgrimage. But it was destined otherwise and immedia- atley after the marriage of his son, Manik is killed while searching for pearls beneath the sea. To add to his miseries, his daughter-in- law also leaves him while delivering a child and the old man is left with the small child to be brought up. With all his faith in God and in destiny Gokul bears all this with patience and fortitude. . The child grows into a beautiful damsel, Rupa, and Gokul feels that after her marriage he will be able to fulfill his lifes ambition of foresaking the world and go for pilgrimage. But as the luck would have it, he has to face further hurdles, because his grand-daughter falls in love with a boy whose father is not only a big land-lord but is absolutely feudal in his conception of the rich and the poor. He not only believes in exploting the poor but also looks down upon them as if they are not human beings. Whereas his son Vijay the lover of Rupa never sees any difference between the Rich and Poor and vehemently detests such out dated conceptions. . But Vijays father is adamant against any such union of his son and Gokuls grand-daughter, and puts such a condition to Goukul which virtually meant his death. . Gokul was supposed to get some priceless pearl form the sea so that he can afford a dowry worth the stature of the land-lord. Gokul knows that the sea is full of dangerous animals, and going there is nothing but suicide. Yet he is willing to do so for the happiness of his grand-daughter. Check out this page for more updates on Anmol Moti.

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