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Ansoo Ban Gaye Phool is a 1969 Indian Bollywood film released on 1969. Principal Doctor Vidyanand was a personification of truth, honesty and noble ideals. So great was his humanity that he always treated by Shambhu, a notorious criminal, as a friend. . His universal teaching was, To sich to your own principles and never to loose faith in them, inspite of greatest temptation. . Chandrashekhar was one of his students who believed in the power of wealth and was ready to go to any extreme to get it. He was converted by Vidyanands preaching and took an oath to dedicate his life for the achievement of those high and noble principles. . While blessing Chandrashekahr, Vidyanand never dreamt that one day will have to forget his own preaching...The man who was a saint become a devil. His own wife could not stop him. Nobody could have stopped him, yet his progress towards crime and evil deeds was suddenly arrested.. [Source: Xerox] Check out this page for more updates on Ansoo Ban Gaye Phool.

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