Hindi    Jan 01, 1972 (India)

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Anuraag is a 1972 Indian Bollywood musical, family drama, social film released on Jan 01, 1972. The film is directed by Shakti Samanta, produced by Shakti Samanta.

Bombay-based Rajesh lives a fairly wealthy lifestyle with his parents, mom - a housewife and dad - a businessman, named Amirchand. One day while walking on the beach, he comes across a beautiful blind girl named Shivani. He instantly falls in love with her. She also likes him, but understands that they cannot be married. Regardless of this, Rajesh asks his parents to permit him to marry her, to which his mother agrees, but his father refuses. Then Mr. Rai, Amirchand’s friend, intervenes, he offers to pay for getting Shivani’s eyes tested, and if she succeeds in getting her sight, then and only then can Amirchand permit his son to marry her. An eye specialist is consulted, who concludes that the only way Shivani can see is through the eyes of a dead donor. The question remains how long will it take for a donor to come forward, and if nothing happens, will Rajesh consent to marry someone of his father’s choice?

A small colony by sea side. Characters - a loving grandfather, a charming young boy, his affectionate widowed mother; a money lender, his wife and youthful son; a florist; a sculptor and good hearted drunkard. A small happy world of love and happiness-enjoying all the celebrations together and facing all problems jointly. . Then ther is a blind school by the side of the sea and girl - young and beautiful. She is blind and she is an orphan. The young boy befriends her-she becomes his Didi. . She is brought home-all fall for her and there is one thought in everybodys mind; if only she could see. . A thorough diagnosis reveals that she can see again - but only by cornea grafting. It requries a willing donor. [Source: Booklet] Check out this page for more updates on Anuraag.

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