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Anuradha is a 1960 Indian Bollywood musical, family drama, social film released on Jan 01, 1960. The film is directed by Hrishikesh Mukherjee, produced by Hrishikesh Mukherjee under banner named L. B. Films International.

Dr Nirmal Chaudhary (Balraj Sahani) is a brilliant doctor who is completely dedicated to his work. After his mother died due to non-treatment as there were no good doctors in the village, he had become a doctor and had decided to treat poor patients till the last day of his life and he hardly treated rich people. He lives in a village called Nandgaon. One day, he comes across an old friend of his in the city outside a saree shop. The friend's sister is choosing a sari in the shop for a dance drama in a charity show. The sister turns out to be Anuradha Roy (Leela Naidu), the famous singer on ladio. Nirmal enters the shop and chooses the sari which Anuradha had chosen in order to impress her. Nirmal is defenitely attracted to her at first sight. Nirmal's friend asks him to come to the show to watch Anuradha perform. The show is a success, but Anuradha sprains her leg while coming down the stairs. She is taken home and Nirmal starts taking care of her. In due course of time, they become close to each and fall in love. Deepak (Abhi Bhatacharya), Anuradha's father's friend's son arrives from abroad and is ready to marry Anuradha as Anuradha's father had promised Deepak's father. Unfortunately, Anuradha is in love with Nirmal and she informs her father about this. Her father asks her to either stay with him or go and stay with Nirmal. She chooses the latter, and she marries Nirmal and both go to seek her father's blessings, but he sends them away. They return to Nandgaon and start living there. Years pass by and they have a daughter, Ramu. Anuradha had married Nirmal and given up her caree, her music, her life in the city, so that she and Nirmal could enjoy each other's company and be happy for ever, but that never happended as treating patients and caring for them is the be all and end all for all doctors and especially for Nirmal who doesn't have any time for himself, forget his family. After 10 years passed, Anuradha's father comes to Nirmal's house in Nandgaon and asks his daughter if she is happy. When his doughter replies in the positive, he asks his daughter and son-in-law to forgive him and let bygones be bygones. He takes his granddaughter with him to the city and Anuradha promisse to join him later. One day in the village, a couple meets with an accident where the gentleman turns out to be Deepak, and the lady, seems a girl who is supposed to get married to him. Deepak stays as a guest in Nirmal's house and Nirmal performs brilliant operation on Seema by way of plastic surgery with which nearly makes her features like that of a normal person. While staying at Nirmal's house, Deepak asks Anuradha if she is happy and not depriving herself and Anuradha replies in the positive. On their anniversary, as usual, Anuradha is dressed up for him, but Nirmal doesn't turn up and sends a message much later that he won't be coming back for the night. He returns in the next day after attending to a patient and had completely forgotten about previous day. Then Deepak tells Anuradha that she is cheating herself and she should join him when he leaves for the city in a day. After Nirmal returns home, he is summoned to meet a injured doctor from the city who is a friend of Seema's father and congratulates Nirmal for performing such a brilliant operation on Seema. He invites him along with Seema's father to Nirmal's house and asks him to prepare a good meal. When Nirmal comes home, he is shocked to hear of Anuradha's decision, but he requests her to stay frost for one more day as guests were coming over that evening and they knew she was supposed to be there. In the evening when the doctor (Nasir Hussain) along with Seema's father arrives at Nirmal's house. The doctor is shocked to find that nirmal's wife is none other than Anuradha Ray, the famous singer on radio. He at once understand what she must have gone though becouse of Nirmal as she gave up her career because of him. Seema, father hands over Rs. 20,000 to Nirmal and asks him to spend it on whatever he wants to. The next day morning when Nirmal gets up and sees the bed unoccupied, he is at once felt, that Anuradha must have gone away with Deepak, but then he hears the honk of a car. He goes downstairs and sees Anuradha sweeping the floor. He tries to tell her that her car is waiting outside, but instead Anuradha asks him...that doesn't he love her even this much to ask her to stay back? Anuradha changes her decision and stays back. Deepak understands Anuradha is not going to come and goes away alone.

A sentimental variation on Madame Bovary: Anuradha Roy (Naidu), a lively and successful singer, marries a dull but idealistic country doctor (Sahni) and soon gets bored. Her former lover who has an accident while passing through her village, ignites memories of her past and persuades her to return to her former profession. However, a timely visit by a famous and worldy-wise doctor who, recognises her sacrifices as more praiseworthy that the genius of her husband, reconciles her new life. Some poetic shots in the film play lifes ironies: while Anuradha looks at palm trees in the moonlight, the doctor gazez at wriggling worms through his microscope. Imaginative cuttig (the director is also an expert editor) creates effective narrative ellipses, as when the newly married bride eagerly awaits her husband and he bursts in, years later, tired and irritable. Mukherjee traditionally conservative fable about marriage is well served by Sahnis underacting, the subtle play of shadows suggesting the flavour of Anuradhas nostalgia for her former success, and Ravi Shankars music, including popular songs like Kaise din beete and Hai re woh din kyon na aaye (sung by Lata Mangeshkar). There come moments in our lives when our whole being is put to test. Our ideals are forgotten and our ambitions frustrated. All that we carve for then; is escape. An escape from reality and into the world of our dreams. A few amongst us however are brave enough to go through the test and they have the luck on their side, come out victorious too . Anuradha is the only daughter of millionaire Bijeshwar Prasad Roy. She is brought up in a manner befitting a person so wel born. She has grown up to be a lovely maiden, full of charm, beauty and talents. She is an exquisite dancer and has a golden voice. Very often she is heard on the air. She is very popular amongst her friends and has a horde of admirers. . One person who adores her to no end is Deepak, who is a son of Anuradhas fathers friend. It is expected that these two shall be joined in holy wedlock. As a matter of fact Anuradhas father is only waiting for Deepaks return from England where he has gone for further studies. . Fate however has something else in store for Anuradha. One day while out shopping with her brother Ashim, she meets one Dr. Nirmal Chowdhary under interesting circumstances. She develops a liking for this Doctor who sounds too much of an idealist for his age. They are brought together again when Anu sprains her ankle during a dance performance for her college. . Their meeting so often brings Anuradha and Nirmal very close to each other and they decide to get married, inspite of her fathers disapproval of the match. Nirmal promises to try his best to keep her happy and Anu in turn is ready to sacrifice all the comforts she is used to in order to go and live with Nirmal in his village where he intends practising. . Anu and Nirmal settle down in their village and the time rolls on. Ten years have passed and they have a five years old daughter. They call her Ranu. These years have brought a change in Anuradha. She is no longer a person she used to be. She is just another housewife. . A wayside accident just outside the village to Deepaks car brings Deepak to Nirmals house in an unconscious state and his girl friend Seema is removed to the zamindars house where better facilities could be had for the necessary operation on her face which is badly disfigured. . Deepak is shocked to see the way Anu lives and feels that she has been neglecting herself and he tells her so. At first she disbelieves him and accusses him of trying to break her home. But gradually she begins to be to be convinced by his words and one day she decides to leave Nirmal and go back to her father. This is when her whole being is put to TEST. Check out this page for more updates on Anuradha.

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