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Anuradha is a 2014 Indian Bollywood drama film released on Feb 28, 2014. The film is directed by Raju Mavani, produced by Disha Chaudhary.
This is the story of a simple living girl Anuradha. She is a girl who is a responsible daughter-in-law, wife and a noble girl for the society. But somewhere this society molds this girl who is very different. Social entertainers passing a message have been a constant entrant in the Bollywood fraternity. Filmmakers have widened its stance from picking up some of the most common issues like prostitution, inter-caste marriages, media expose and so on. So coming as a yet another film falling under this umbrella, director Raj Mavani now comes up with his share of movement titled, Anuradha. Highlighting some of the most disturbing struggles faced by a woman in the society, this drama elaborates on how a woman sinks into the misery of societal pressures and in return, how a society still shoots out its demands to worsen her struggle. Be it from a small little daughter, mother, sister or a friend for that matter, the society has always brought a woman under the scanner of criticisms and inequality. Anubhav Sinha has hit on a right note by grabbing this attention seeking subject by staging the dramatic and situational hurdles that worsens a woman's struggle to retain her respect in the society. Check out this page for more updates on Anuradha.

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