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Ashiana is a 1986 Indian Bollywood drama film released on 1986. The film is directed by Mahesh Bhatt, produced by Kuljit Pal , music composed by Chitra Singh.
Shyam and Sunita are what we call in our usual terms as happily married couple-passionately inlove but still in the process of disvoering each other. . It is when they take a break away from the huble of the city and come to Bondla where Shyam has his ancestral property, amidst the beautiful forest, which has a large Adivasi population that things begin to go wrong. The presence of a dark Adivasi girl with her small child was a strange discomforting effect on Shyam. Sunita is jolted out of her complacency when Shyam confesses to her about his relationship with Adivasi girl. The truth is shattering Shaym in the recent past much before his marriage to Sunita had spent some lonely spell here in Bondle. The relationship was that Shyam callss Physisical. The child is a product of that lust. . Inspite of Sunitas effort to understand the situation the cracks in the relationship begin to surface-nothing works, they run away from Bondla and try to dodge the truth by drowning themselves in the social life of the city. The helplessness of Sunita deepens when she discovers that she too is now pregnant. Shyam is unaware of this new development. The house becomes an inferno. . Finally, Sunita who is unable to turn away from her husbands past faces the reality headlong. She aborts her child and walks away from Shyam saying.....that she has no business to build her house on the foundation of a mute. Helpless, exploited Adivasi woman and her child The claim to legitimacy with or without Shyam owing it up was theirs. Shyam battered by this brutal truth comes back to Bondla and owns up his past which he tried so desperately to run away from. [Source: C.B.F.C] Check out this page for more updates on Ashiana.

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