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Aurat is a 1967 Indian Bollywood family drama, social film released on Jan 01, 1967. The film is directed by S. S. Balan, produced by S. S. Balan under banner named Gemini Combines.

Parvati(Padmini) is the eldest sister of his family. She has one brother Suresh (Rajesh Khanna) and five other sisters. Suresh is a student of MBBS. While Parvati is working as maid. She manages his family with lot of problems. They do not have money for good times. Parvati loves Anand(Feroz Khan), who also has some family problems. One day when Parvati did not get money from anywhere to give the fee of his brother's college...she decided to accept the offer of Manoharlal (Pran) and get married to him at an agreement that Manoharlal will take care of Parvati's family. Manoharlal is 60 year old and has 6 children. Initially his mother (Lalita Pawar) and sister Asha(Nazima) and brother Ratan lal (O.P.Rahlan) did not accept Parvati, but due to nature of Parvati they also loved her. In the mean time, Suresh & Asha fell in love. When Manoharlal knows about this, he insults Suresh & throw him out. Now once again Parvati family gets into trouble but this time Ratanlal and Asha helps them. And, finally Suresh became a Doctor. At the end, it was revealed by Asha that it was Anand who has given money for Suresh and family. Now Manoharlal accept his fault and marries off Suresh and Asha.

Parvathi, born as the eldest in a poor family, works hard to take care of her mother, six sisters of whom one is dumb and also educate her only brother, Suresh, for medicine. She loves Anand who wants to marry her after he wins an inheritance case of his that is in the court. But circumstances force Parvathi to sacrifice hre love and marry Manohar- lal, who is the father of six children. Suresh falls in love with Manoharlal, who is the father of six children. Suresh falls in love with Manoharlals sister, Asha, but when Manoharlal comes to know of this, he gives Suresh a beating and also stops th fincacial help he had been giving to Parvathis family. Suresh tries for a job and happens to meet Manoharlals brohter, Ratanlal, who, not seeing eye to eye with his brother, was living separately plying a taxi for his livelihood. . Ratanlal and Asha help Suresh to take care of the family as also complete his studies. In the process, however, Asha gets a bad name. Check out this page for more updates on Aurat.

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