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Verdict: Timepass Movie. One time watch.


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Ballygunge Court is a 2007 Indian Bengali drama film released on Jan 01, 2007. The film is directed by Pinaki Chowdhury, produced by Ganesh Bagaria.

The film centres around an apartment Ballygunge Court, and deals with the lives of three middle aged couples and one elderly couple living there. Nearly all the children of the building have left to pursue a life of their own abroad, leaving their parents behind. Tragedy strikes on christmas when the elderly couple is murdered by robbers after they return from a party in another flat where all the members of the building had assembled. Their bodies are not discovered for a few days. The incident affects all the other members of the building as they try to come to terms with the deaths as well as their own solitude and loneliness. The film seeks to probe into the malady that prevails in our society, whereby the younger generation is obsessed with the thought of going abroad for a more lucrative career. One of the members Sir Rajen (Soumitra Chatterjee) loses his wife (Mamata Shankar) suddenly but refuses to inform his son Sumit (Bhaskar Chatterjee) as he is very hurt that his son has gone away to London. The film shows the growing distance between the father and the son as a result of the father’s ego. We see a personal triumph for Sir Rajen when Sumit informs him that he will no longer go back to London and will be working in Kolkata. This takes place after his mothers death. The father and son unite, but is it really a personal triumph? The film tries to explore the attitude of the younger generation towords life and their parents. It points at the insecurities that the elderly generation suffers from due to loneliness. It is definitely true that the younger generation tends to totally neglect and ignore their parents in search of a bright career but some times parents also tend to be a little selfish and want their children to be beside them to serve their own needs. Parents need to understand that once their children go away, they need to have a positive outlook towards life and maybe create a world of their own that keeps them occupied. Only then can parents and children live in perfect harmony.

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