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Chirodini...Tumi Je Aaamar is a 2008 Indian Bengali drama,romance film released on Aug 15, 2008. The film is directed by Raj Chakraborty, produced by Srikant Mohta , music composed by Jeet Ganguly.

The same old tale of a poor boy eloping a rich girl from her house. Pallabi is the daughter of the famous local hoodlum of Siliguri, who comes from an autocratic family but falls in love with a garage mechanic called Krishna. The school goes Pallabi tried to woo the poor guy and ultimately succeed in her mission. The lover intermingle between them for a considerable span of time forgetting their social disparitiess. Whe things become hasty the couple plan to elope overnight. They come to Kolkata where they find refuge in Ali's (Krishna's friend) mess. The 'mess mass' give them a grand salution and ultimately donate to give the couple a legal marriage. But Pallabi's atrocious father and uncle start searching the couple and investigate deep enough to reach the couple's pavilion. the uncle coaxes and misleads the youhg duo to come with them, But salages his hatred and anguish in the car by thrashing and beating the poor Krishna. Ultimately Krishna is beaten to insauity and Pallabi is forcefully married off to a whole some groom. Years after Pallabi finds out Krishna as an insance rooming around the streets. The story ends here.

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