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Commercial Pilot Officer is a 1963 Indian Bollywood action film released on 1963. The film is directed by O. P. Dutta, produced by O. P. Dutta.
"Madan Kapoor from Delhi" came the words over the line. Kamini was thrilled. The young maidens heart had given out an extra beat every time his name was mentioned. He was not only the son of her fathers best friend but a partivularly thrilling type of romantic glamour was associated with his name as he was aflier - a pilot on the Internatio- nal Airlines. They did meet and how! She threw him in the beautiful swimming pool with a full suit on and accused him of an attempt at suicide. She was invited to a formanl mess party only to be frieghtene by a drunken youth confronted and reprimanded by areligous scholar of Geeta and finally to be accused of stealing the dress of a fliter. The dying hiccups of the engine of a two seater plane at a high altitude finally brought them face to face with death and more important than that facts. The facts not only enkindled the flame of immortal love in their young bosoms, but the engine took a hint too and struggled its way back to life. Madan and Kamini were never to be parted. . Madan the ever obliging chivalrous captain, was always coruteous but this trait in his character was more pronounced when dealing with ladies ! and if one of them was as young and pretty as Kitty, the dancer of international fame, he wouldnt mind even carrying her bag acroos the airfield and the customs barriers. One such bag contained his misfortune Miss Kittys bag contained smuggled diamonds. Madan confronted Kitty with harsh facts but only to be intrigued by her charming explanation and to be moved by her long winded story of suffering. As if that was not all, Kittys husnand came roaring in just when he was consoling Kitty with his arms around her. The flow of events was too fast for the simple hearted captain who lost his head. He came down to earth with a bang only to realise that he has killed the angry husband. Was this cold blooded Murder? At least this is how it was made to look. . Madan fled not only from the scene but also from Kamini whom he loved more than his life.....he would rather break his own heart than invol- ve his beloved in anyhitng besmeared with blood. . Kitty guarded his secret in all sincerity but only to send him again to Singapore and carry back a small parcel. But this time the parcel didnt cross the barriers, noe did Madan. . Kaminis father Mr. Chowdhry, the Supdt. of Police reluctantly pur the hand cuffs on his beloved frieds son and his would be son-in-law. . With Kamini tearing her heart out, Mr. Chowdhry torn between afection and duty, Madan dying inside with his lips sealed by the threat to his beloveds life and Kitty dancing, the world became one whirl of events . But for truth to prevail and justice, it takes a long twisted road and that is what we invite you to enjoy in Deepak Jyotis suspenceful movie named "Pilot Officer" Check out this page for more updates on Commercial Pilot Officer.

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