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Dana Pani is a 1989 Indian Bollywood social film released on Jan 01, 1989. The film is directed by V M Vyas, produced by Deven Verma under banner named Sunrise Pictures Pvt. Ltd.. "DANA-PANEE" is the story of sufferings, which the Middle Classes have been going through, during the last many years. It is the story of common amn from the middle classes. He may be honest, sincers and hard working. But he is the only earning member of the family. And his work is not lucrative though it may be very useful to the society. . Shanker, the hero of this story, is an honest and intellegent but ill paid teacher. He has a devoted wife Uma, a loving son Deepak his step mother, a step brother and a step sister Shashi. His father had left Rs 2,000/- at the time of his death for the marrige of Shashi and as shanker could not meet both the ends meet with his small earning, he was obliged to spend the last pie of the said money for the maintenace of the family during the years of stress and strain, about which he nevr talked to any body, even his wife, as he has always been hoping against hope that the bad days will pass away soon and be will be able to provide for the marriage of Shashi. . The story begins under these circumstances. Deepak has been asking for a Tricycle for him. Shanker used to promise him again and again but every eime he finds it impossible to keep up the promise. Shanker has a friend Jaggu, a Race-Goer with a golden heart. One day Jaggu, promises him to pay Rs. 100/- and on this hope he promises Deepak that today he will bring the Tricycle. He goes to School where he refuses a tution of the daughter of one Papasaheb, a rich man who has amased fortune by all kinds of means. In the evening he goes to Jaggu, to receive the money, but Jaggu has lost in the races although he hoped to win and is unable to give a single pie to Shanker. . Shanker, is very much disappointed and he does not know how to shoe his face to Deepak without a Tricycle and so he goes here and there. Papasaheb, who wants him as a tutor for his daughter, finds him takes him home and makes him to accept the tution. Shanker find that the daughter is completely spoilt and the atmosphere in the family is not at all congenial for coaching a student. Papasahebs wife is fashionable lady, fond of doge and other kinds of amusm ent. Papasaheb himself is a man, who believes that money can buy everything A big wedding is being celebrated in the opposite Mansion now with all its pomp and gaiety; and there I feel frightened for my diminishing wretched life, I am afraid to die at this wrong moment ... Yes I am afraid to die to-day. For if I die to-day the people might link my untimely death with the marriage in the opposite house and this will loosen the grip of my faith which I had held so closely with my weak hands throughout my weary life. . Since the life has given me a conutless number of long dark days and nights to live and serve my sick and aged husband, I beg for one more day... just for one more day. . Why the glare of brilliant illumination from opposite side should hurt my weak eyes? ...Why should the wedding trumpets pierce through my ears like an hot iron rod? ...Why should my heart sink so frightfully? Why should my breath be heavy and unsteady? Why? ... Why? Cant death be kind enough to spare me few hours? ...just few hours so that I may die blankly ... unconditionally. in the world. Shanker is at first unwilling to accept such a tution, but the thought of the Tricycle of Deepak, which has become and abscession to him, makes him to do it. He gets some advance money and goes home late hoping to have the Tricycle next day. . Deepak, is asleep. Shanker begins to take his meals. There is some talk his meals. There is some talk between him and his step mother. She is very anxious about the marriage of Shashi who has not yet returned home. Shashi has fallen in love with Madhava, the son of a prominent lawyer, and she meets him secretly by the river-side. Neither family know about this. . Hardly Shanker has started to take his meals, he is scolded by the mother for neglecting the problem of Shashis marriage. She asks about the money too. He gets up without taking his food. Uma is sorry for her husband. She tries to argue with her mother-in-law. But the result is quarrel. Deepak, is awakened by the noise. He comes running and questions, `Where is my Tricycle Papa?" Shanker looses balance of his . Prople are rejoicing, with all the music in the world at their disposal a defeat of a man who is bringing his bride home and whose face is covered with flowers so that no one can see how he blushes but I dont need any Music to please my death ... so why should not they stop it? . My old Jasmine tree is still swinging in the air just as it had been swinging all the while in the past. I will go and sleep under it to- night as I always do ... Oh yes ... I remember ... it was through the flowery branches of this Jasmine that I saw Him one morning ... gazing at me from horizon ... and then I turned away my eyes ... and never dared to look again ... no ... never ...never. . My husband is my faith and my whole life is dedicated to him ...I serve him and I will serve him till my last breath. . The wedding proceedings seem to take very long time and here under the his mind and slaps Deepak, who loves him so dearly. Uma understands her husband and when Deepak is asleep, talks to him. The deep love of the couple under the dark shadow of poverty brightens the picture for a moment. . At last Deepak gets the Tricycle as present from Papasaheb at the eve of his daughters birth-day party. Deepak is happy, Shanker is glad, but his joy is short-lived. When he returns home he finds that the light has been cut off because the electric bills have been over due To add to the worries, the Maternal Uncle comes at this very time with bride groom and his party to see Shashi. Shankers mother had spoken about the girl to him and the guests came when the whole house is in dark. The bride groom party forms not a very good opinion about the conditon of the family. But the climax comes the next morning when Shashi refuses to appear before the party explaining to Uma that she has had been engaged to Madhava. Although the mother is furiously angry, she being practicle, tells Shanker to appeoach Madhavas father and see whether he is in favour of the marriage. Shanker goes with his same Jasmine tree I have a battle to fight with my death with my death with all the force ... all the courage I have ... I hope I may be spared ...one more day. his brother. . Madhavas father laughs at the idea of having a poor teachers sister as his daughter-in-law. Shankars brother, being naughty and outspoken rather half man, begins to argue and atlast comes to blows. Conswquently he is taken into Police Custody on the charge of assault. The mother is angry and she rebuckes Shanker as to why he did not arrange for his release on bail. Shanker has to deceive Deepok. He takes away Tricycle and sells it away to get his brother released on bail. . Papasahebs daughter fails in the preliminary Examination as she gets only five marks. Shanker is busy in examining the other papers when Papasaheb come with a basket full of fruits and persuades Shankar to put a zero immediately after the mark of five in the papers of his daughter, in order to get her passed in the examination. For this, later on he offers Rs. 500/- but Shankar rejects it and tells him to get out of the house, with remarks that no amount of money can purchase his honesty. . All these things tell upon Shankers mind. He is feverish. But the problem of Rs. 2000/-, left by his late father, is to be solved. Check out this page for more updates on Dana Pani.

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