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Devar is a 1966 Indian Bollywood family drama, social film released on Jan 01, 1966. The film is directed by Mohan Seghal, produced by Mohan Seghal under banner named Deluxe Films.

Shankar & Bhawariya are childhood lovers who have been parted by unfortunate circumstances. Shankar's cousin Suresh (Deven Verma) is an advocate. Matchmaker Ram comes up with marriage proposals for both the cousins. Following family traditions, it is decided that the boys will meet the respective brides by proxy. Suresh falls in love with Madhumati (Bhawariya). He cooks up a wicked plot. He writes two letters to each of the families. Shankar comes to know that Madhumati is Bhawariya, the girl whom he used to love. In a rift between Shankar & Suresh, Suresh dies accidentally for which Shankar is held the culprit. Madumati who is determind to see her husband's murderer hanged, changes her words & saves Shankar.

Shanker and Suresh were cousins. Shanker, the only son of rich Zamindar, not fond of books but the book of life. Suresh, an orphan and the only son of Zamindars dead sister, educated and very fond of books. They were less of cousins but more of friends and Shankers love and trust for Suresh knew no bounds. When a marriage broker suggested Madhumati, " a girl like Sita" for shanker and the book-mine Shanta for Suresh, the friends made a strange. " You go to see the gil on my behalf" each told the other. When Suresh saw Madhu, he was enraptured. He decided to betray his friend so that she could be his. And the two cunning annonymous letters he wrote, resulted in his marrying Madhu, and Shanker marrying Shanta. On the wedding night itself the impetuous Shanta hurled words at her uneducated husband. . Shankers life became miserable and Madhu could not see the plight of her Devar and did her best to bring Shanta closer to him. Shanker, with an unhappy present, often rememebered his childhood days and his childhood sweetheart, Bhanvria, who after parting suddenly learnt that his beloved Bhabhi was Bhanvria herself! He begged God to help him maintain the sacred relationship of Devar and Bhabhi, to retain the peace in the home of his friend who had actually betrayed him! . That was not all. Shanker bore more insults from his wife as the author of the annonymous letters. His own father disinherited him. he was hated and misunderstood by all. But truth cannot be hidden for long and one day Shanker suddenly learnt that the man who had wrecked his life was not other than his own friend! [Source: Booklet] Check out this page for more updates on Devar.

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