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  • Reagan Gavin Rasquinha


    Reagan Gavin Rasquinha | Times of India

    Save some potty jokes, the plot is essentially a vehicle for a bunch of sight gags and situational comedy all strung together. Carrey is a natural – he often sounds like he’s ad-libbing and Turner’s dour one-liners delivered in her nicotine-roasted voice is genuinely funny. The jokes are definitely ‘dumb’ (and therefore, it works in this film’s context), but with a movie title that literally proclaims the same out loud, what can you expect?
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  • Paloma Sharma


    Paloma Sharma | Rediff

    Dumb and Dumber To seems to be desperately trying to carve out an audience for itself in a world that has moved on. Harsh as it may sound, Dumb and Dumber To seems to have been made purely because the studio needed to dish out something and this was probably the least-worst option. Stale and struggling to remain relevant, Dumb and Dumber To doesn’t manage to be good enough to be applauded or bad enough to be laughed at.
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  • Navin Noronha


    Navin Noronha | BookMyShow

    Watch this film only if you are a fan of Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels, and would love to see them again in roles that made them famous. The comedy isn’t fresh, but you will laugh at some parts. Don’t go with high expectations and as is the trend with most comedies these days, ‘leave your brains at home’. That should work.
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  • Shalini Langer


    Shalini Langer | Indian Express

    There isn’t much Carrey and Daniels can get wrong here that isn’t wrong already. However, even if the story was a little better, there is something quite pathetic about wrinkled, greying men on the wrong side of 40 behaving like their selves from the right side of 20.
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  • Mihir Fadnavis


    Mihir Fadnavis | Firstpost

    Dumb and Dumber To deserves to be buried under two feet of mud, alongside the dead fragments of my childhood. You can either watch this film or could plug in the famous Crash Test Dummies song, put on your headphones and drift away into the nostalgic delights of the ’90s, when the world was perfect and movies took you on a snowy ride to Aspen.
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