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Ferari Fouj is a 2002 Indian Bengali period film released on 2002. The film is directed by Prashanto Bal.

Ferari Fouj, the period drama based on the great legend Utpal Dutt's well acclaimed novel, is set in British India. As British actrocities & repressions over the Indians rose high, the spirit of revolt aslo spread across the villages like a bonfire. Bhukandanga's youth came under the charishmatic influence of Masterda Surya Sen & took the way of extremism to pay the Britishers back in their coin. Ashok Chatterjee, son of a courageous & patriotic couple, blasts a polie van & flees away to the clandestine refuge of the terriorists. Radha, a prostitute with a golden heart, is the liaison between the renowned leader Shanti Ray, the disciple of Surya Sen & the young rebels of Bhuloandanga. She is also the moral force to integrate the group & to keep their moral high. In spite of several warnings, Ashok goes to meet with his family & gets arrested but does not divulge a single detail about their extremist outfit to which he belongs to, even after his wife was gang-raped before his eyes according to the instuctors of the sinister inspector. But he gives in when in the final resort the police tries to malign his glory & honesty a a freedom fighter & engineers plots to depict him as a traitor to his compatriots. The O.C. traces the prostitute's quarter, the cradle of revolutionary activities and gets killed by her. Ashok's parents refuse to accept him & mistake hime to be a trailor. The crooked British spy Neelmoni Mitra (Sabyasavechi) came to Radha's room & after before the mayhem goes out of control, Radha introduces him to be their great leader Shanti Ray to others & all of them, together, lay out their future plans there. But the mission comes to be at stake when Kumud (Kaushik), a cowardly & selfish youth in the group gets overwhelmed by the earthly desires & commits treason to his friends. He informs the new O.C. about their identities and future plans but gets killed by Ashok, who has fled from the police vigilance. The police reaches the venue and ambushes the secret tunnel & in a violent encounter, the rebels are defeated dispite fighting back desperately. To save the mission, Ashok sets himself on fire & rushes towards the targeted chamber, immediately blowing it up. He sacrifices his life to attain the glory of martydom but also to regain the trust & true respect of everyone. One day at last the day of independence comes, bright to fulfill all the promises, to realise the long cherished dreams & to honour all the self-denying sacrifices of innumerable Indians like Ashok Chatterjee, who loved their motherland more than anything else on earth.

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