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  • Kate Taylor


    Kate Taylor | The Globe and Mail (Toronto)

    DeGeneres goes much further, though, maintaining a delicate balance between Dory’s optimistic personality and the hovering anxieties created by her imperfect memory.
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  • Lou Lumenick


    Lou Lumenick | New York Post

    If there has ever been a better voice performance in an animated film than Ellen DeGeneres’ in Pixar’s wonderful sequel Finding Dory, I sure can’t think of it. Her tour de force even surpasses Robin Williams in “Aladdin.”
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  • Drew McWeeny


    Drew McWeeny | HitFix

    Say what you will, but Pixar understands innately that making their audience feel something deeply is the greatest magic trick in movies, and all of their work as technicians and artists are always focused on making that happen. Finding Dory may be familiar magic, but there’s magic in it all the same.
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  • Jamie Maleszka


    Jamie Maleszka | The Playlist

    The animated story finds true buoyancy in its social value rather than its creative frontiers. Has the movie reinvented the animation game or Pixar’s standing within it? Far from it, but Finding Dory is a well-told promise that individuality and self acceptance always win.
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  • Lawrence Toppman


    Lawrence Toppman | Charlotte Observer

    Finding Dory can be described in exactly the same way as its title character: good-natured, funny, optimistic, darting from place to place, ranging from anxious to frenzied in tone, and unable to sustain an idea for more than a few moments.
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  • Chris Nashawaty


    Chris Nashawaty | Entertainment Weekly

    It’s not Toy Story or Inside Out or even Nemo. What it is is a perfectly enjoyable family film that’s comforting, familiar, and a bit slight, like one of those serviceable Lion King spin-offs that Disney used to ship straight to DVD back in the ‘90s.
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  • Todd McCarthy


    Todd McCarthy | The Hollywood Reporter

    While rambunctious and passably humorous, this offspring isn't nearly as imaginative and nimble-minded as the forerunner that spawned it.
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