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Grihadaha is a 1967 Indian Bengali costume drama, drama film released on May 05, 1967. The film is directed by Subodh Mitra, produced by Uttam Kumar.

Suresh & Mahim were two childhood friends, but there was vast difference between their livelihood and religion. Mahim was a poor guy with a small hut and little bit of land left back in his village. For that he needs to depend on Suresh for his further studies as Suresh's parents on Suresh were very rich. Suresh a doctor where as Mahim waited for his result of Law examination. In the moontimes, Mahim coved, Achala, a Brahma girl and their marriage got fixed by her father verbally. This did not influence Suresh, So he want to Achala's house to save his friend from a Brahma girl. But instead he fell in love with her at the first sight. So he kept on going to Achala's place making one excuse or the other and finally he was able to convince her father in fixing her marriage with him. But Achala, managed to run away from her house and got married to Mahim and went to his village. But sadly Achala suspected Mahim for having a relationship with a girl named, Mrinalini. In the meantime, Suresh travelled to Mahim's village but suddenly a fire broke out at Mahim's house one night. According to Achala's request, Mahim sent back Achala to her parental house with Suresh. In the process, Mahim suffered from severe fever and he was treated and later cared for by Suresh. They decided to go for a change but willingly Suresh guided Mahim to a different train and made Achala come with him intentionally. Situations got them depicted as husband and wife which they couldn't accept . At last Suresh suffered from plague, while he was visiting a diseases affected area and died. Mahim and Achala once again got reunited by clearing out all their confusions.

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Cast & Crew

Pradip Kumar

Pradip Kumar

Suresh (Mahim's Fri..

Pahari Sanyal

Pahari Sanyal

Kedar Mukhopadhyay ..

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  • thomas.richard


    Timepass Movie

    thomas.richard, 7 years ago
    This is one time watch. You can watch this movie to pass your time.

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