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Hindi    1962 (India)

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Half Ticket is a 1962 Indian Bollywood comedy film released on 1962. The film is directed by Kalidas, produced by Kalidas under banner named Cine Technician.

It is the story of a mischievious guy, Vijay who is a big prankster. Unable to withstand his pranks his father drives him out of his home. He does odd jobs to sustain his livelihood. He meets a girl with dreamy eyes but pretends to a half-witted boy in order to win her heart

Vijay (Kishore Kumar) is the good-for-nothing son of a rich industrialist, who becomes bored of his father’s constant railing and the efforts to marry him off, with the intention of getting him “settled” in life. So Vijay walks out from his home and decides to leave for Bombay and start life afresh in the big city, but he doesn’t have enough money to get himself a ticket!

Vijay gets a burst of inspiration from a plump child called Munnah, who is waiting in line with his mother (Tun Tun), and decides to pass himself off a child in order to get the epynomous half-ticket.

Now disguised as Munnah, Vijay is used as a mule for a diamond smuggler (Pran) without his knowledge. On the train, Vijay also meets Rajnidevi (Madhubala) and falls in love with her.

The rest of the film follows Vijay's exploits as he avoids capture by the diamond smuggler and his girlfriend (Shammi), romances Rajnidevi while avoiding her auntie-ji (Manorama), and reunites with his father.

Vijay was born reverse (Ulta). Sheth Lalchand, a millionaire business magnate of Jubbalpure, who fathered this abnormal additon to mankind, began suffering its chain reactions right from the day Vijay acquired mobility with the postures of a quadruped. Yes later, when Vijay was Skipping about rather too vivacioulsy on his hind legs, his antics and acorabaties were immeasurably greater than those normally found in the average biped animals. The Himalayan patience of the unenvinable father, which has been withstanding the mounting shocks generated by Vijays loud pranks with Society at hand and life at large, crumbled one day, in concequence wherof Vijay was thrown out of the sanctuary of grudging induglence in the domestic sphere..... thrown out into the wide open world to seek a date with Destiny and pla out his pranks with it. . How in course of that game with Desitny Vijay goes through rib-tickling funfare, spine-chilling gun-fare, and heartiching La-affaire, (with the cutest daughter of Eve..... Wow: Wow:) is something which had better be seen on the silver Screen than read in than read in the limited pages of a booklet which can hardly do proper justice to the "unique"talents of Vijay. [Source: Booklet] Check out this page for more updates on Half Ticket.

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