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Hanuman Patal Vijay is a 1951 Indian Bollywood mythological, musical film released on Jan 01, 1951. The film is directed by Homi Wadia.
Ahiravan, the king of Patal kidnapped Chandrasena, the princess of Naga and married her against her wishes but a true daughter of her country she would not allow herself to be a victim of his evil designs on her. She remained a faithful devotee of Shri Ram. Ahiravan, his brother Mahiravan and the latters wife Mahadevi tried their utmost to bring her into the fold of the Rakhasas and behave in a manner fitting to their custom but Chandrasena did not yield. . Rambhakta Hanuman in search of Seeta went to Lanka. While he jumped over the sea, Makari, a daughter of the sea saw him and fell for him. Hanuman was a confirmed bachelor and lived the life of celibacy. But on his way back after burning Lanka, tired, he wiped his forehead. The sweat that fell from there was greedily swallowed by the love-mad Makari. The union gave birth to Makardhwaj who is known to be the son of Hanuman. . In Lanka started the great war between Ram and Ravan. Most of the lieutenants of Ravan were killed. Angry Ravan sent for Ahiraman who was a friend of his and asked him to kill both Ram and Luxman. Forewarned Hanuman made a fort of his tail round the resting Ram and Laxman and kept a close watch for their protection. But Ahiravan came disguised as Bibhishan and kidnapped the two removing them to Patal. . Chandrasena got the news of the arrrival of Ram and Laxman in Patal. She very much wished to see them at least once. But Mahadevi would not allow her to do that. She tortured her and whipped her to unconsciousness. . It was decided by the Rakhsasas that Ram and Laxman should be killed on the auspious day in the presence of goddess Chandi. Hanuman came to know of this and to save Ram and Laxman he came over to Patal. At the gate he met Makardhvaj who was the watchman of Patal-lok. Although Makardhvaj came to know that he was the son of Hanuman he would not allow Hanuman to go inside Patal as that would be a betrayal of the Rakshasas. A fight ensued in which Hanuman tied Makardhvaj to his tail and went to the temple of Chandidevi. . Difficulty arose as to how to enter the temple. Hanuman could assume any form he liked so he became small and entered the temple by way of a basket of flowers .After entering the temple he assumed his usual form and took his plave behind the statue of the Devi. From there shouting at the top of his voice he made the Rakshasas run about helter skelter and terrified them. Ultimately when Ram and Laxman were let in he rescued them. There ensued a war. During the war even when Ahi and Mahi were killed, to the utter surprise of Ram and his army, hundreads of thousands of Ahi and Mahi were re-created. Again Hanuman took the task of finding the secret. with the help of Makari he reached Chandrasena who it was presumed knew the secret. She laid down the condition that she would give out secret if she is given to meet Ram once- alone. Hanuman agreed laying down another condition on his behalf. In case anything happens during the visit Ram would have instantaneously. The secret was given out. . From the Amrit Kund, bumble bees were bringing nectar to re-create Ahis and Mahis. Hanuman therfore started killing the bumble-bees. One of them begged for life. Hanuman allowed him to go on the condition that he would arrange the bed in Chandrasenas house in such a manner that as soon as Ram sits on the same the bed would give way. . Ahi, Mahi and Mahadevi were then easily killed. As agreed Ram went to Chandrasenas house but according to the pre-arranged plan the bed broke down and Ram left Chandrasenas room. However, he promised her that monogamous Ram could not marry her but in the Krishna Avatar he would definately marry her. Chandrasena felt happy at this promise and Ram, Laxman and Hanuman departed. Check out this page for more updates on Hanuman Patal Vijay.

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