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I Am is a 2011 Indian Bollywood devotional, social film released on Apr 29, 2011. The film is directed by Onir, produced by Onir under banner named Anticlock Films.

A movie based on a real life stories and incidences. I AM is a fusion of four diferent stories in which the protagonists share a common dream, struggling to find their identity and a desire to regain their lives. About issues and dilemmas that bruise modern Indian society.


OMAR is a film that reveals the nexus between the police and Male sex workers to blackmail and abuse gay men. In India because of the archaic law created by the British which has been long discarded in UK homosexuality is criminalized by law under article 377, whereas any man caught in a homosexual act can be imprisoned for life. This law is very often used by the police to harass and extort money from gay men.

OMAR tells the story of how because of fear of society and law Gay men are very often get blackmailed and are scared to do anything about it. This film is based on real life stories and incidences. It questions the law and a society where the concern should be addressing the deep and growing violence in society but decides to all up in arms against an expression of adult consensual love.


A Kashmiri Pandit woman has to go back to Kashmir after 20 years and confront her past. A past of losing trust and faith in humanity. A past that saw 300,000/- Kashmiri Hindus leave Kashmir. Since the mid eighties Kashmir has witness the final exodus of the Hindu population. MEGHA belongs to those forgotten minorities who have become refugees in their own country. This film questions the definition of freedom and "Kashmir for Kashmiri". While the film does not deny or overlook the enormity of the atrocities committed by the military and govt over decades, it questions a concept of freedom that eliminates the minority community from its home land.


Brought up as an outcast in an all white small town in Europe, AFIA finally decides to confront the truth behind who she is. Her search brings her face to face with her father, a glob trotting Indian man bound by conventions and traditions and her half brother.

Afia, her father and brother find themselves trapped in a situation where acknowledging one identity would lead to destruction of the other. Afia is about labels, taboos and facades - breaking away from them means creating a new I AM.


ABHIMANYU, the story of a child abuse survivor inspired by the true story of Harish Iyer and his struggle to reclaim his own shattered identity after 11 long years of abuse.

This is you. Damp in rain. Wanting it all to pause but not stop, feeling the tiny drops seeping down.
You've never thought about anyone-your family, your friends, your world...........your life - and all you can do now is to think. You’ve never been into thinking and it seems a strange but the only habit u can have now.....'coz u're numb.................

You can't 've your wishes done now, can't lift your hand, and can't stop it from moving when it does.
This is you. Damp in rain. Wanting someone to wake and make this four wheeled creature get back its life..............

your whole life-you've seen people who've reasons to live and you've been searching for your own reasons-your whole life- never living ;and when life reveals all its reasons-you WANT life; though u've always had those reasons.
All u see now is your life seeping like this rain-still and slow...............

u've always wanted to be everything-best in all worlds .all u've never been is a good daughter, a good friend and perhaps 've never had one and can't have now.u've never known your own self.

Someone comes and pushes you chair out of the rain .u want to be there, but can't say. You can't ask that person to be kind at pushing the vehicle. u see all the people near u -happy to get their health back and their families -happier yet ; and u pass from among a thousands of them-they perhaps never admitting u in their thoughts, and u think of your family………

I Am movie is based on four short films - "Omar", "Afia", "Abhimanyu", and "Megha". It is based on the real life stories and each movie share common theme of fear. Check out this page for more updates on I Am.

Reviews for I Am

Nikhat Kazmi


Nikhat KazmiTimes of India

When you take up different stories and juggle with sundry characters, there has to be a string that binds them together and a leitmotif that holds the film. Director Onir doesn't ..

full review
Rajeev Masand


Rajeev Masandibnlive.com

Four short stories, roughly 25 minutes each, make up the honest and hard-hitting feature 'I Am', directed by Onir. In the first, Nandita Das is an embittered woman determined not ..

full review
Taran Adarsh


Taran Adarshbollywoodhungama.com

This seems like the most accomplished Friday, after a long, long time. Certain stories that were considered blasphemous, even sacrilege, that lay buried in the dark, with film-mak..

full review
Shubhra Gupta


Shubhra GuptaIndian Express

I Am’ puts the spotlight on four characters who live very different lives but are unified in one crucial way, the only one that matters : they are all intent on finding themselv..

full review
Mayank Shekhar


Mayank ShekharHindustan Times

“Kaafi garmi hai (It’s quite hot),” is a young college kid’s (Purab Kohli) lame opener. The woman sitting next to him understands the boy’s discomfort at making a conver..

full review
Pratim D. Gupta


Pratim D. GuptaThe Telegraph

I Am opens with Rabindranath Tagore’s celebrated lines of empowerment: “Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high....” And while many films quote many lines a..

full review

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  • thomas.richard


    Bold, Bolder…but not boring….

    thomas.richard, 9 years ago
    Super hit movie. I loved everything about this movie.

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