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Ijaazat is a 1988 Indian Bollywood drama film released on 1988. The film is directed by Gulzar, produced by R. K. Gupta , music composed by R. D. Burman.

The film has a very normal concept and a normal thing to tell the people. Mahendra (Played by Naseeruddin Shah) is a very normal man. He lives a very normal living with his family and family members.Then after many crises, in his life enters a girl named as Maya. Maya is a modern lady and she coincidentally meets Mahendra one day. Both fall in love with each other and share a relationship. But, Mahendra's family selects a girl for him. They don’t live him sharing good bonding with Maya, so they ask him to get marry to Sudha.Sudha is a very normal and a very simple girl. She is a complete housewife who takes care of Mahendra after they get marry. But, due to many ups and downs in their wedding, they continue to get separated and live as healthy life without each other. Years move and then coincidentally, these two people, Sudha and Mahendra meet each other at a railway station. Both spend some time with each other and then they continue to share their talks. They share about what happened after they both got separated. So, both tell each other. But, there is something which Mahendra is shocked and doesn’t come to Know about Sudha, something that will change their dimension of the living.

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