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Jo Hum Chahein is a 2011 Indian Bollywood romance film released on Dec 16, 2011. The film is directed by Pawan Gill, produced by Aman Gill under banner named Gill Pictures Entertainment, music composed by Sachin Gupta.
Delhi-founded Rohan Bhatia, the only son of widower Brigadier Dalip, effectively gets his MBA grade, decides to get-together with others, counting girlfriend No.31, much to his dad’s anger who required spending some period with him. He then re-traces to Mumbai and gets employed by 'Bombay Bulls' as a broker where he, and lots of others, are given a time of three months to touch the top 10. He makes friends with a long-time worker, Vikram Khurana, and is presented to rich widow, Amrita Singhania. Rohan also encounters with an ambitious model/artist, Neha Kapoor, and positively persuades and beds her. His dad and Neha want to devote worth time with him on the event of his 25th birthday but he voyages to Goa to encounter with Amrita to become her Fund Boss. This conference becomes warm and he finishes spending the night with her. Tremors and dissatisfactions are in stock for him when he revenues to Mumbai when he finds Vikram has chosen to call his dad for dine; a physical argument effects with his co-employee, Akash, and he ends up being chastised; but nothing will make him for the tremor when a annoyed Neha will notify him that she is not only with child - but not wanting to see him any longer. Check out this page for more updates on Jo Hum Chahein.

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