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Kailashpati is a 1962 Indian Bollywood musical film released on 1962. The film is directed by Dhirubhai Desai.
Lord Shiva and Mahadevi Sati, living on the Kailash, once observed the movement of Devtas therough the heavens and wondered what it was all about. Naradji, who happened to visit the kailash at this time, infor- med them that the Devtas were all goin to Kankhal where Daksha Prajapati, the father-in-law of Lord Shiva, was performing a Mahayajna and that by not inviting Lord Shiva he purposely meant to insult Lord Shiva. Satiji, therupon went to the Mahayajna uninvited but being ope- nly insulted by her father she sacrificed herself in the fire. This enraged Lord Shiva. He distoryed the Yajna as well as Daksha and being broken hearted oving to the loss of Satiji ultimately went into Samadhi. . Meanwhile, Tarkasur, the king of asuras, was doing sever penance. Eventually, on Bramhaji being pleased, Tarkasur obtained two assuranc- ces namely that he would conquer the three worlds and that his death would only be at the hands of the son of Lord Shiva. Thinking that Lord Shiva being in permanent Samadhi and Satiji having died Lord Shiva will not get a son and so he was immortal, Tarkasur spread an orgy of terro through the world and also succeeded in subjugating Lord Indra. The Devtas were terror stricken. They begged of Bramhaji to find some way otu. Bramhaji thought that reincarnation of Sati was necessary. Thus Parvati was born to Parvatrai, the king of Himachal. . Paravit soon grew up to be a beautiful princess. There were many suitors including Tarkasur, but Parvati had seen Lord Shiva in her visions and had set her heart on him. Lord, Shiva, however, was in Samadhi so Indra sent Kandev to wake him but Lord Shiva burnt him to death. At last Parvati commenced penace to win over Lord Shiva. Tarka- sur tied nard to make her give up the penace but eventually she succeeded. Lord Shiva married Paruti and they got a son, Kartikeya. . The news of Kartikeyas birth was as a death kenll to Tarkasur. He tried all methods to destoty Kartikeya but his own son Kamlaksha fell prey to his own game. . The loss of Kamlaksha enraged Tarkasur. He took a vow to destoyr Lord Shiva and entire Kailash, and actually invaded the Kailash with all his might. Lord Shiva was in samadhi and could not be disturbed. Naradji said that Karikeya was the boy of destiny and he must assume the command of the Kailash forces. although he was only eight years old. Battle ensued between him and Tarkasur. Check out this page for more updates on Kailashpati.

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