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  • Drew McWeeny


    Drew McWeeny | HitFix

    This is a case of all the elements lining up and pushing a potentially good film into the great category because of just how well executed it is.
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  • James Mottram


    James Mottram | Total Film

    Injecting fun and fairground thrills back into the spy movie, Kingsman is a blast. Firth is sensational, Jackson rules and newcomer Egerton surprises. Mission accomplished for Matthew Vaughn.
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  • Reagan Gavin Rasquinha


    Reagan Gavin Rasquinha | Times of India

    Bulletproof brollies that fire bullets, dart spewing wristwatches and cigarette lighter grenades aside, there’s a smooth balance of good humo u r, butt-kicking action and originality too. Kingsman: The Secret Service is a breath of fresh air in the spy movie genre.
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  • Steve Persall


    Steve Persall | Tampa Bay Times

    Kingsman is as violently kinetic as anything Vaughn has made, a list including Kick-Ass (the good one) and Craig's U.S. breakthrough, Layer Cake. But Kingsman is also wildly uneven, often slowing its roll to stiff-upper-lip pacing necessary (or not) to create a new British secret agent movie mythology.
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  • Mihir Fadnavis


    Mihir Fadnavis | Mid Day

    The film is ridiculous, funny and a wild ride, and it’s really hard not to be swept away by its infectious energy.
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  • Jyoti Sharma Bawa


    Jyoti Sharma Bawa | Hindustan Times

    It is down to director Matthew Vaughan (Kick-Ass, X-Men: First Class) that the film has that deranged yet boisterous quality about it. However, this one’s only for those who can stomach unimaginable quantities of violence. The rest, like Valentine, need to look the other way.
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  • Bryan Durham


    Bryan Durham | DNA India

    It’s entertaining. Firth is awesome in it and it’s genuinely one of the more fun spy flicks going around. Go watch it.
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  • Tom Huddleston


    Tom Huddleston | Time Out London

    Never less than slick, precision-tooled multiplex entertainment, Kingsman hews close to the formula Vaughn and his co-writer Jane Goldman established in their superficially similar "Kick-Ass": hyperspeed action, pithy one-liners and grotesque ultraviolence.
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  • Mick LaSalle


    Mick LaSalle | San Francisco Chronicle

    It tries to get by on charm, and like a lot of movies, and people who make that attempt, “Kingsman” does have charm — just not enough.
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  • Chris Cabin


    Chris Cabin | Slant Magazine

    It's tructured in familiar, safe terms, plays for very low stakes, and appeals to no one so much as white, male teenagers with chips on their shoulders.
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